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Proven Capability in Handling Complex Projects

While serving the liner shipping industry for more than 45 years, the CONTI Group has managed to set up long lasting and close business relationships with its charter partners.

Since 1990 in the fileld of postpanamax vessels alone, CONTI Group as operator have been chosen to finance, manage and operate 27 postpanamax vessels for their clients.

Success rate

A look at the past performance shows how successfully CONTI has steered its fleet in the past. The renowned Deutsches Finanzdienstleistungs‐ Institut GmbH (DFI) research and analysis firm has been rating the current account balances and investment offers of suppliers of tangible assets for many years. With a history of 40 years, DFI is one of the most established and respected independent financial analysts in the market.

In its performance analysis of CONTI’s current accounts, DFI comes to the following conclusion: "50 funds with overall excellent dividends for investors – in view of the market environment – have already been exited, half of them in 2013 and 2014. Although a large part of the exits took place in a very weak market phase, 46 of the liquidated funds achieved an overall proit for investors." The calculated internal rate of return (IRR) amounted to 10.9% per year. Investors of the fund companies with a TR < 100% have received an average of 74.0% of the initial investment ater taxes (excluding premium). For all the funds, the total return is on average 150.2% of the investment.


CONTInuity & Performance

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